Europe leg booked!!! And feeling rather fortunate for the extra leg room we decided on for the long flight! After all, it is a special occasion- our honeymoon! The trip is still a good 9 months away (sigh!) but at least it’s now set in stone :)
I’ve been roughly planning out the cities we’ll be visiting for this 30 day trip. So far I have London, Amsterdam, Prague, Milan, Como, Florence, Venice and Paris. Any other suggestions are welcomed :) There’s so much to see in so little time!!
I still have to look into flights for Maldives. I’m not sure whether we should attach it to the end our of Europe trip or make another separate holiday out of it. Decisions, decisions…
  1. pithivier said: YAY! So very very exciting :) Ps. I want to request a tiny home tour. Your home looks gorgeous in every picture you take! <3
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