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Hi Cindy! First off, big fan of your posts - thanks for keeping me entertained at work when my brain is too numb to function (sidebar: I'm also an analyst at one of the big fours! Hehe) :) I'm wondering if you could let me know where you got the chalkboard hanging in your dining? I'm usually proficient on google, but haven't had much luck finding one similar to your post! Thanks I'm advance!

My husband made the chalkboard for me after the fact that I couldn’t find anything remotely similar to what I had in mind. The simplest things are always the hardest to find, don’t you think?!

It was a fairly easy DIY project. Hubby’s no carpenter but if you have right tools handy, it’s relatively easy to put together :)

Here’s a rather surreptitious shot I took of him working on it. As you can see, all it is is a wooden frame with a piece of thin wooden board nailed on top. It’ll help if you had a sander to sand down the rough edges. Otherwise, manually go over the edges with sand paper, that should work too. After that’s done, I painted 3 coats of blackboard paint over the entire board. Pretty simple to make huh? :)

Oh and buy a chalk texta instead of chalk. It’s a lot easier to work with. I bought mine from Spotlight. They also come in a range of different sizes…and colors too, if you prefer something a little out of the norm :)

I’m glad to hear my blog is keeping you entertained! Thanks for the complement :) 


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