Quick post before I dash out to pick out a present for my brother in law’s going away dinner tonight. I always leave things to the last minute! It’s such an awful habit of mine. We’re all so very proud of A. Fresh out of uni and he’s been summoned to work in the US after landing a job at the big and mighty Microsoft! A rather playful outfit today to match my current mood :)
-Isabel Marant silk dress with sleeves rolled up..-Club Monaco skinny leather belt -Isabel Marant Dicker boots-Tom Binns mini spike bangle-Borsalino panama hatI think secretly, I’m also happy that I will now have my own USA parcel forwarding address that won’t cost me a cent :))
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  2. spintillyoucrash said: love the parcel forwarding part (i just placed two orders with a parcel forwarder so i’m def jealous!). congrats to your BIL too, what a great achievement!
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